Sunday, August 30, 2009


In a twisted near-future, criminals are inserted into video games, where they fight to the death with one another for their freedom. The game finds huge success, because everyone agrees that the more realistically you can kill someone, the more fun you're probably having.

The main character is a criminal named Kable, who finds himself under the control of a gamer whiz named Simon. They have to learn to put their differences aside while they play the game – Kable for his freedom, and Simon for the glory of winning Gamer of the Month.

Eventually people realize that killing people in real life is even more realistic (and therefore exponentially more fun) than killing people through a real person inside a video game. The “Murder Bill” (also known as the “Kill Bill”) is finally passed through Congress, and people just go nuts with it. Imagine Battle Royale, but for the entire world.

Finally, after like three hours, the movie goes back to Simon and Kable, who apparently freed himself from the game. Kable surveys the war-torn planet, and says grimly, “Look at what's happened to mankind, we've become as bad as the game.”

Simon doesn't say anything, because while Kable was talking, he was transformed into a real goat! Just like that! “What the fuck!” says Kable.

“Save me,” pleads Simon the goat (he can talk now. It was just during the transformation itself that he couldn't talk).

“I will,” says Kable. Kable goes off in search of the wizard who did this to his friend. But some things come up. His sister is having a baby, and his friend is having a BBQ on Sunday, and he eventually just forgets about it and moves on with his life.

4 out of 5 stars.

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