Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monsters vs. Aliens

Monsters vs. Aliens

Dir: Rob Letterman, Conrad Vernon

Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen, Hugh Laurie

Runtime: 1 hr 34 mins

In a veritable who's who of established and upcoming Hollywood stars and starlets, Monsters versus Aliens is a non-stop thrill ride, so buckle those seat belts (a quick warning to parents: this movie will transform your kids into monsters).

The aliens are battling the monsters to determine the fate of humanity. Imagine Independence Day meets Monster's Inc. meets Alien meets Weekend at Bernie's. Picture what would happen if you combined those movies, and then you have Monsters vs. Aliens. Except it's a lot less like those other movies, and more like Weekend at Bernie's.

The monsters have to trick the aliens into believing that their boss is alive. The fate of the world depends on the aliens believing this ruse, so it's really important that they pull this off. They keep moving the body around, and getting into all kind of hilarious situations. They almost get caught so many times, but at the last moment they somehow manage to pull it off with the aliens none the wiser.

4 out of 5 stars


Ellen Kimball said...

Hello Tom,

Honestly, when I first saw the name of your blogspot on IMDB, I thought it said "GUY WHORE VIEWS MOVIES" and I thought... jeeze, what kind of a fellow is a "guy whore"?

Sorry, it's just my weird sense of offbeat humor. I didn't mean to offend you. Lots of people yodel my screen name. Let's see if you get it in writing, "Radio Lady WHO???"

My love of movies goes back to childhood, and I've had a long career in broadcasting beginning in 1957. Movie reviewing on radio began in 1971, when I took over a midnight radio show for Larry King, who had run into some legal problems.

In any event, nice to know you via the Internet. My husband and I travel extensively in retirement. I'm still in touch with many print, TV and radio reviewers here in Portland, Oregon.

My reviews are posted in my blog and at various other places on the Internet, especially www.kgw.com . You can Google my name Ellen Kimball or my older screen name Radio Lady and many of them will come right up. I was a member of a political website from 2004-2008, and a very active moviegoer during those years.


Ellen Kimball said...

I just realized you are in Brighton, Massachusetts. I lived on Commonwealth Avenue near the intersection of Chestnut Hill Avenue before marrying and moving to Sudbury, MA, where we lived for decades.

My broadcasting career included working in talk radio for WEEI-AM (then 590) and WMEX (1510) for many years. That was back in 1972-1983. Then I went on to a sales career with a Connecticut company.

So you're in banking? What can I say? Are you having fun yet?

Have a great week.


Ellen Kimball said...


You were kind enough to leave a message on my blog. Thanks so much.

I don't think I mentioned that we moved from Massachusetts to Portland, Oregon, almost eleven years ago. Regrettably, I'm not in the neighborhood anymore and miss it sometimes more than I can say. On the good side, we are almost at the same temperate latitude, but our precipitation falls as winter rain and mist, with clouds and rainbows! Boston gets snow and ice, which is rare here. We do have a totally dry summer, starting in July until September. There isn't a better place to be in the summer than here, IMHO.

Please be in touch again. I used to listen to Don Imus interview his brother Fred when I accidentally got up between 3AM and 6AM, broadcast time in the Pacific states. Since Don was bumped off MSNBC, I haven't heard much about either one of them. Of the bunch of them, I like Deirdre Imus the best. However, the day that Don dissed her on TV (she was doing a good job selling her product line), I really felt like reaching out and bopping Mr. Imus.

Are you still in touch with any of them? How are they doing?


Ellen in Portland, Oregon
PS. One word preview of the new Disney movie "Earth" -- STUNNING!

Sean Catlett said...

Does someone say "Welcome to Earf"?

Or "Mike Wazowski"?

Or "Oh no this Monster is dead and we must pretend that he is not"?

Chris said...

Dear Tom,

You are a self absorbed douche.

I have read some of the reviews you've posted around the internet, and in many of these so called reviews you've tried to be more humorous with your remarks rather than analytical.

I hope you die in a sea of burning flames.


Tom Thayer said...

Dear Sheepykins,

Fuck You,


Tom Thayer