Monday, May 7, 2012

Dark Shadows (with Johnny Depp)

I liked this a lot because I really like Johnny Depp. If they just made a movie where it was nothing but Johnny Depp talking to other Johnny Depps (he could play all of them through editing technology) then that would probably be my favorite movie, behind "Pirates of the Caribbean 2". If anyone wants to use my idea for a screenplay, please go for it, just make sure to credit me if it gets made.

At one point, Johnny Deep comes back to life and says "It was like a crypt down there," in his trademark Johnny Depp style. I was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down my face and I started choking on my popcorn. Nobody came to help me because I think they thought I was only laughing, and they didn't know I was also choking at the same time. I eventually coughed up the kernel that was stuck, but it was pretty scary for a while.

Johnny Depp's name is a little confusing to me. I really want his last name to be "Deep," because that just looks right. Depp looks like a typo. If you're reading this Johnny Depp, do you think your last name looks weird too? If it seems normal, then does the word "deep" seem weird, like it should be depp instead? Please let me know. Also, great job with all your movies!

4 out 5 stars (5 stars if they had more Johnny Deep)

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민정 said...

So funny! I want to your name to be "almond“ instead of edmond....jokeya!X)