Saturday, May 5, 2012



Saw this one on opening night with my friend Gus. We're pretty hardcore Battleship: the Game fans – we average about four or five sessions a week. Gus wins most of the time, but that's because he moves his ships around when I go to the bathroom, which I do like five times per game (I have a small bladder, and I drink A LOT of coffee), but whenever I call him out on it, he always denies it, which is bullshit cause one time I caught him on tape! (He claims he knew I was videotaping him, and was just trying to mess with me, but I think he's lying).

While the movie was really different from the boardgame (don't expect any white or red pegs in the movie version), I still thought it was pretty good. In fact, I hope they release a new Battleship: the Movie: the Game, that includes the aliens.

Here's an idea for an updated version of the game: One time per game, each player can use an alien ship. It comes up from under the water, just like in the movie (they could make some sort of little motor mechanism that brings up the alien ships from under the board). The alien ship should be able to shoot nerf bullets or something.

Also, you should make it so that players can't move their ships once they've been put down. Like maybe they can deliver an electrical shock (doesn't have to be too strong), to deter them from moving the ships, cause it's cheating, and it ruins the game! Are you listening Gus?


Sean Catlett said...

You are just

Tom Thayer said...

I like to think I'm pretty just. At least when it comes to playing games by the rules.