Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Artist

I originally wasn't going to go see this movie, because I don't like movies that come from other countries (I have a lot of reasons for this, and I won't get into them here).

I saw The Artist because my friend Gus liked it, and he and I usually enjoy the same movies. (We both saw Battleship together on opening night, and agreed it was the best movie of the year, possibly of all time).

I saw The Artist at the Crossroads in Tucson. For those of you who don't know about Crossroads, it's a cheap theatre, and the things there don't always work so well. The sound was broken, so you couldn't hear the voices. Weird thing was that the music seemed to be working okay.

The picture was really washed out too. I mean, pretty much to the point where it was black and white.

Surprisingly, the movie seemed to work okay without all those things. Still thought Battleship was better though, but that's just a given.

If anyone from Crossroads is reading this, you guys really need to get your act together.


sometimesagreattrail said...

That's odd, I experienced the same audio difficulties you described at my area theater, Coolidge Corner Theater, when I watched this move. It may be that they shipped out a batch of faulty films.

Tom Thayer said...

Hmmm... Perhaps I shouldn't have been so quick to assume that it was the movie theatre's fault. Thanks for that information. Has anyone else experienced problems with this film?